Spider Vein Treatment

A laser spider vein removal treatment is a non-invasive and virtually pain-free procedure designed to remove veins using a highly concentrated beam of light. During this procedure, the light sends pulses to the vein, targeting blood vessels without harming the surrounding tissue. The light heats up the blood, causing it to clot and break down the blood vessel.

Due to the body's natural healing process, the blood will be reabsorbed, while the veins will disappear. Because the laser light used in this spider and varicose vein treatment goes straight to the vein, there is little or no risk of burns or blisters on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser help?
With a beam of light, the laser can deliver a prescribed dose of energy to the spider veins. The laser "selectively" coagulates the problem veins while sparing surrounding areas. After treatment, the vessel slowly and naturally disappears.

How many treatments are required?
Results are seen within three to four weeks. Typically one to two treatments are recommended.

Can we be sure that this will work on veins?
This is something that must be determined with each patient individually, but the majority of patients will benefit from this treatment.

Is this treatment difficult?
No. This non-invasive treatment takes between 15 minutes to about 30 minutes, depending on your situation. After treatment, there is no down time which means you can resume all of your normal activities immediately afterward.

Is this painful?
There is some minor discomfort associated with this laser treatment; most patients describe the sensation as a series of rubber band snaps to the skin. We can often reduce or eliminate this by cooling the treated area with an air-cooling device.