Ingrown Hair - All Skin Types

Ingrown hair, also known as pseudofolliculitis or razor bumps, are one of the most irritatting problems both men and woman battle with, it is unappealing and painful. Men regularly have to beware of ingrown facial hair, while women often have to deal with the discomfort of ingrown hairs on the underarms, legs  and the bikini area. The causes of ingrown hair are relatively easy to identify, but not always easy to prevent, especially if you're a regular user of razors or waxing products.

Generally, the condition of ingrown hair, or folliculitis, develops when dead skin cells gather around an irritated hair follicle, eventually trapping the hair under a small papule, or bump on the skin. Often described as “razor burn, razor bumps” ingrown hair can be caused or worsened by tweezing, waxing, and electrolysis, and may be especially noticeable on people with darker skin.

Softtouch uses laser technology which allows safe reduction of unwanted hair thereby eliminating ingrown hairs and leaving smooth skin devoid of any rashes or razor bumps.